A Guide to Remove Gel Polish without Harming Your Nails

How to remove gel polish without damaging your nails

Today there is plethora of options for gel nail polish and they can enhance your appearance to a great degree. This is because it has small shiny bits that reflect light well, thereby creating a glittery look, which is good for special events, or when one wants to brighten their day. The flexibility of gel nail polish allows one to wear it by itself to achieve maximum glitter effect or over colored gel polishes in order to get a less pronounced shine.

The gel nail paints are definitely great options to enhance the looks of your nails. However, if the idea of removing gel polish fills you mind with dread, this post will help you recognize the best way remove gel polishes from your fingernails. By the concluding section of this post, you will have a clear idea how to remove gel paints off your nails without damaging your nails.

Removal of gel paints off nails:

We need to recognize it first that it is possible to remove gel nail polish without harming nails. The process of removal of the paint will not be as easy as the process of application. Chipping off the gel polish might seem like a simple solution, but doing so will unavoidably cause some of your natural nail to peel away, leaving it uneven, weak, and thin. Take care to prevent any such peeling and make sure you adhere to our straightforward instructions for a powerful, damage-free removal.

The Process of Removing the Paints:

To start with the removing nail paints, you can use a nail file and carefully buff away the glossy top coat of your nude gel nail polish. After soaking a wet wipe in a nail polish remover and folding it into a square, fold it into a square. As an alternative, you can cover the entire nail surface with a good quality gel nail polish remover and allow it to bubble and pull off the nail for three to five minutes. Afterwards, you need to use cuticle sticks to press the gel polish away in the direction of the nail’s growth. If you have trouble, wet your nails or use the Remover again.

Once you are done with the nail polish removal process, put away your gel nail polish set and wash away your hand. If you have a nourishing oil preferably cuticle oil, apply them gently on the side of your nails and cuticle. Apply a good quality hand cream once your hand has soaked the oil, this will rejuvenate the skin of your hands and restore the moisture level.

Should you apply nail paints immediately after removal?

Wait until you have finished your new manicure to and avoid applying cuticle oil or hand cream if you intend to reapply immediately after removal. As you prepare for another coat of paints, be sure to choose OYAFUN nail polish for the new color. Waiting one to two weeks before applying another coat of polish is advisable if your nails become sensitive. Use the cuticle Oil and moisturizing cream to strengthen and nurture your hands and nails during this break.

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