Duplex Villa for Sale in Bhimavaram at Reasonable Pricing

A duplex housing area provides you with unique opportunities to live with a multicultural community and a unique value proposition. A duplex villa is an ideal residential area with identical floors and a common staircase or elevator for use. For the past few decades, duplex housing spaces have gained huge popularity in the Andhra Pradesh area due to the advantages of such properties.

Certain factors should be kept in mind before you purchase duplex housing in the AP region. Factors such as the price point, the proximity of the property from the closest public places, amenities, access to the nearest police station, etc. In this post, we will be discussing a prestigious duplex villa for sale in Bhimavaram that boasts various advantages as a proper residential place to be called home.

About the property:

The independent luxury duplex villa is situated in the heart of Bhimavaram, giving it access to the prime locations of the city. The villa is part of a group of 14 luxury villas in the area, which not only gives it the advantage of a multicultural alliance but it also gives you a sense of security and safety living amongst such a large community. The property is very spacious and it is situated in one of the most prestigious residential locations of Bhimavaram. Being the best duplex villa for sale this residential property accommodates perfectly a large family (5-6 members) of could be a humble abode for someone who wants to live in style and comfort while enjoying the tranquility of nature.

The property is very spacious with a total area of 2200 square feet and it is spread across two floors (G+1).  If you are seeking a perfect house that can easily accommodate a large family then you should consider this property. The ground level comprises an expansive living area, dining space, kitchen, and a single bedroom. On the upper floor, there are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a generously sized balcony. This semi-furnished duplex villa for sale in Bhimavaram is also the last available unit. The property is located in a tranquil and secure place while also providing proximity to quality schools and essential facilities. On top of that, this location offers convenient access to the city center and major highways.

Additional details of the Property

The complete synopsis of the property– the wonderful duplex villa has 1800 square feet of carpet area and 2200 square feet total area. The villa has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and one garage that can easily accommodate a large family. This duplex villa for sale in Bhimavaram is completely new with a price point of ₹ 75,000,00. Do not miss grabbing this beautiful and luxurious villa as your humble abode.

This property is designed and constructed by adhering to modern aesthetics and engineering. It is adequately ventilated and it receives plenty of natural light throughout the day. Due to the easy availability of numerous public transportation options, including buses, auto rickshaws, and taxis, traveling throughout the city is hassle-free from this property in Bhimavaram.

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