Katie and Kevin Wedding at the Majestic Lareau Farm

The Lareau Farm in Waitsfield, Vermont is a place where couples go to make their wedding special and distinct just the way they want. The locals would say this place is meant for hosting family affairs of course the good ones like weddings and engagements. Katie and Kevin are one of the lucky ones who got married here. The sight was unforgettable and the whole experience should be in their memory lane. This well-designed and cultivated place provides a spectacular lakeside view and garden outdoor spaces are just simply amazing. The other words, the wedding photographer had plenty of backdrops to capture. Above all, Katie and Kevin glowed the most that day and why wouldn’t they?

Their Wedding Dream Came To Live That Day

That place was simply amazing and been there for over 50+ years hosting weddings and helping families to bond beautifully. The guests did not notice but Katie and Kevin wedding was the best because the photographer got all the shots he needed along with the backdrop making it the best-ever wedding photo shoot in Vermont’s history. That place had a personal wedding coordinator, a full-service setup department, a wedding host, a bar, and a waiting place but the cake-cutting moment was the best and funniest. To put this simply, this was a blast and the most wonderful experience for Katie and Kevin; they felt their wedding dream come true.

The Wedding Venue Was Gorgeous

From their roomy reception areas to their ceremony sites that are sure to inspire, Lareau Farm offers all they need to enjoy their big day. One of Vermont’s most unique wedding venues is Lareau Farm, with its breathtaking lakefront, vibrant charming landscapes, and 16,000 square yards of specially designed indoor spaces. Every wedding at this place has access to the gorgeous lake, gazebos, and charming gardens for amazing wedding photos, says Vermont wedding photographer.

Marrying outdoors was the Best Decision

We have all traditional weddings taking place indoors but times have changed and when you live in Vermont, you would not want to miss the scenery of outdoors while getting married. That is exactly what Katie and Kevin did, they chose the latter, which allowed them to choose from gardens or lakeshore. The venue had a cedar arbor, white outdoor chairs, chair setup and breakdown, they were also the site for rehearsal. Katie and Kevin wedding was so much fun, they graciously allowed us to share this story and photos in wedding blog posts.

And What Was Their Wedding Experience

A wedding is incomplete without a wedding photographer, and only the wedding photographer can tell what kind of chemistry is brewing between the groom and bride. Katie and Kevin wedding was no different the place had a pristine lake and was covered by green hills and the place offered a beautiful setting that was amazing and welcoming. Most importantly, John Adams photography got their sight all the time never missing a single opening or something out of the ordinary. The photos can tell you how grateful they were during the wedding and everyone had a wonderful time. 

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