Why Do Most People In Singapore Learn To Speak Chinese?      

Learn To Speak Chinese Today and Make It Your Second Language

Learning a different language is a good thing; it not just increases your stock of languages but improves your brain’s function. If there is a language that is worth learning then Mandarin Chinese would be it. Not millions but billions of people in the world converse in Chinese and that is limited in China but in other parts of South East Asia including Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. Singapore in particular has a deep connection with China and still possesses the old and new ways of Chinese culture. People in Singapore whether foreigner or not emphasizes learning Chinese. Like most people in Singapore, why would you learn to speak Chinese?

Chinese Is the Most Spoken Language in the World

The first and foremost reason people from not just in Singapore but all over the world learn to speak Chinese is that it is the most spoken language in the world. According to one study, more than 1.2 billion people in the world speak Chinese. If you are residing in Singapore, you have probably seen people in the streets and the workplace conversing in Chinese or English. I do not know the extent of it but some believe the people of Singapore must learn both Chinese and English. But old-timers and people who follow the old traditions will choose Chinese over other languages to converse with others. Furthermore, foreigners learn Chinese in Singapore to understand the intriguing Chinese traditions and customs.            But it has other advantages as well take personal growth for example.

Chinese Help Personal Growth

Like other foreign languages, the Chinese language has its ways and anyone can master it. Individuals trying out the Chinese language for the first time may find panic after seeing the non-lettered alphabet and different tones. But with the right guidance, it won’t seem daunting and impossible. Mentors from top language schools are helping students and guiding them to understand the language. If you learn to speak Chinese properly then you will have access to learn the Chinese way of life too and it will give you some perspective but most importantly deepen your personal growth and language skills. And you should know by now, personal growth is interconnected with the professional growth as well.

Professional Growth and Career Opportunities

The ability to speak a foreign language is a huge advantage. If you master the Chinese language, then you will be able to live and work easily in different parts of the world. Furthermore, it enables you to trade and cooperate with business partners in China and Singapore. Not just in the corporate sectors, but you will get a job in every sector if you hone conversational and written Chinese. Many people learn to speak Chinese to become a translator and act as an intermediary between influential people. Nonetheless, traveling gets also easier and you will be able to meet new people in Chinese-speaking countries.


A working knowledge of the Chinese language might be quite useful if you want to travel to different parts of China and South East Asia. You don’t need to speak the language well to get by; even a small bit of education will help you order food, book a hotel, hail a cab, and ask for directions.

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