With Box Android TV Box Entertainment Is Now In Your Pocket

Streaming Is Now Revolutionized With the Box Android TV Box

The latest AR glasses are now can be called Android TV devices thanks to Rokid Station bringing this innovation to us. Now you can use your favorite apps and games to your virtual screen with Google Play. Endless entertainment is now in your pocket because you can stream your content on your favorite platforms like Hulu, Disney+, and more. The android TV box along with the AR glasses offers a remarkable 215-inch virtual screen, mimicking the experience of a full-sized cinema. What makes this product so special in the streaming world? On the other hand, is it going to change how we watch television?  We will all these questions one by one in this post.

Features of This Latest Android TV Box

Despite being a small device, it has more power and potential than a traditional Android TV box. Do not let its compact look fool you because it has some interesting features developed to offer you with an experience that you will forget your home setup. Now the question is what makes this box Android TV box so unique?

A Compact but Portable Design

The device we are talking about is called Rokid AR joy allowing users to use them anywhere because it is paired with AR glasses. This device has onboard buttons, enabling users to use the virtual user interface.

Google Play Support

This small portable device allows you to access TV shows, films, games, and apps available on the Google Play Store like YouTube, Hulu, and Disney+.

Google Assistance

The box Android TV box features support for Google Assistance Voice input, enabling users to play with the user interface just by talking.

Why Box Android TV Box Is A Game Changer?

It is not that you can only pair this Android box with AR glasses but this device is also compatible with all smartphones as well as Nintendo Switch and Steam Deca through the skin-casting mode. But why are they called game changers?

Theater Like Experience Anywhere Everywhere

Now with this Android device, you can change any space in your theater, of course, AR glasses play a big role here but still it is a huge leap from the traditional theater experience. The most fascinating part is that you can play your theater while commuting or working. Unlike the VR, the AR glasses give you more freedom and versatility.

Working Remote Has Never Been This Good

By using this box android tv box you work remotely from anywhere in the world and you do not require a desktop or a laptop. This innovation speaks for flexible productivity, all have to do is pair your Bluetooth keyboard to work efficiently anywhere.  You will like the balance between virtual displaying and physical typing hence more convenience and freedom while working.

Long Lasting Battery Backup

This particular Android box is meant to sit at your home but to travel with you. Hence, it comes with a 5000 mAh battery meaning it will remain active for 7 days, and in case of heavy usage, it will give 5 hours of backup. You can use it while charging.

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